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November 20, 2006

Lost Cause

By Carl Goldstein

It's beyond me why people are even debating Iraq any more. The US has completely lost its ability to influence -- much less order -- events. Staying will not forestall the continuing descent into full-fledged civil war; neither, unfortunately, will leaving.

But leave we must, and sooner rather than later. Sacrificing the lives of more American servicepeople in service to a lost cause just can't be justified. As for Iraqi lives, some significant level of bloodletting appears unavoidable. US meddling has opened a veritable Pandora's Box of pentup rage that will not be put back until the leading parties choose for their own reasons to end it.

We could hope that the US would engage in serious conversation with Iran, Syria and maybe Turkey (remember diplomacy?) But don't bet on it.

And don't be fooled by the short-lived, post-thumping talk of "bipartisanship." This band of ideological incompetents is still clinging to denial and their own little bubble -- and have no intention of giving it up. "Victory" is all, and since even Henry Kissinger admits that's impossible, they will in practice be satisfied to hand this problem off to the next administration.

But how many more will die in the meantime?

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